Happines there is not the same as here

About Project

The exhibition was about refugues in The Netherlands with an emphasis on the freedom they have there and not about the lack of that in their country of origin. The interactive video installation shows a non chronological film on a wide projection screen with in front of it four upright television screens.
A storyteller guides the film with anecdotes from the refugees that came to The Netherlands in the last 20 years. The refugees are chosen from a group of 248 refugees interviewed for the umbrella project “Ongekend Bijzonder”.
The standing screens can be rotated on which different content connected to the main movie on the big screen is shown. Via sound showers only the person in front of the screen hears the audio of that turned screen. With a pedal in the ground the person can switch between different fragments.

At the entrance of the installation is a control panel that lets the visitor distort the image of the main screen, and with that the symbolic freedom of the story; both auditory as visual.

Farah Rahman
Mark Ridder


Farah Rahman

Installation Design

Mark Ridder


Jasper van Loenen


Frank Niesen
Martin Gabriel